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Beyond Compare

Developer Scooter Software, Inc.

As its name suggests, this tool is aimed to compare files and folders. It can handle different types ...

SQL Compare

Developer Red Gate Software Ltd

SQL Compare is an application that enables you to compare SQL Server schemas and deploy differences. You ...

'Diff Doc'

Developer Softinterface, Inc.

'Diff Doc' allows you to compare documents of various formats including MS Word, Excel, Rich Text, HTML, PowerPoint , and ...

Compare and Merge

Developer TGRMN Software

Compare and Merge is a powerful tool that lets you easily, quickly, and accurately compare texts, scripts, codes, or even entire ...

Compare Suite

Developer AKS-Labs

Compare Suite is an application that provides file and folder comparison with merging and reporting abilities. This ...

Compare PDF

Developer AKS-Labs

Compare PDF is a program that provides file and folder comparison with merge and reporting abilities. You can compare the features from two ...

Compare Advance

Developer BauerApps

Compare Advance is aimed to compare the contents of two folders. This allows you to make sure that the backup of a specific folder contains ...

StarInix Database Compare

Developer StarInix Corporation

The StarInix Database Compare application will allow you to compare the structure of two databases and display all the differences between ...


Developer Oorja Software

If you use multiple computers to access files, folders, drives and directories then you may need a utility to allow you to ...

'Compare Database'

Developer Softinterface, Inc.

'Compare Database' allows you to compare Access databases to each other, an Access Database to a SQL Server ...


Developer Scooter Software

Compare gives you the ability to view/query/edit/update files which are currently in use by other applications, and the flexibility ...

Compare Spreadsheets for Excel

Developer Office Assistance LLC

This neat piece of software is fast, very easy to learn and use, flexible, and, what is more important, truly effective. It ...

Compare & Sync Two File Folders Software

Developer Sobolsoft

Merge two different folders so that they both contain only the most recently modified version of the same file. New files will be ...

TM1 Compare Lite

Developer CarpeDatum Consulting, Inc.

TM1 Compare is a new product from CarpeDatum Consulting for comparing, auditing, and synchronizing your TM1 server installations. TM1 ...


Developer Drasbek Data

Compare and merge text files line by line. Recursively compare folders.